Visions & Missions


The board of directors of the Company is capable of applying its knowledge, competencies, and experience to develop and formulate effective policies for implementation to generate maximum benefit for the Company, by adhering to the standards of good governance as follows.

  • Formulate policies and determine the business direction of the Company and maintain supervision and control to ensure that the management acts in compliance with the given policies to provide the Company with the highest economic value added on projects and create maximum wealth for shareholders.

  • Set clear roles and responsibilities of the board of directors of the Company.



Business Goals

  • Be committed to being a leading construction company at both national and international levels.

  • Enhance capacity and technological knowledge to create a masterpiece.

  • Develop personnel competencies on a continual basis.

  • Place emphasis on measures leading to safety and environment protection.

  • Manage operations with strict adherence to good governance principles.

  • Generate a handsome return to shareholders.

Future Goals

  • Engage in the business of concession.

  • Diversify investment into other activities of real estate development such as office buildings, hotels, etc.